Let’s get hands to work

One of my prayers in this journey has been to touch people’s lives as we drive around Europe on our way to Barcelona. So far, we have gone through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and today we finally hit France. All of this in just three days!


Quite a journey already, mostly being busy discovering how with our RV (camper, motor home) works, why some things in it do not work, and noticing how many important stuff we forgot … while we keep the kids alive. Thankfully we met some kind people on the way that know much more than us about RV’s and helped us to find solutions to our problems, and give us practical advice that about the routes.

It would be awesome to write that we have prayed for them all, shared the gospel and baptized some … but that has not been the case. The first 3 or 4 rejected every suggestion of prayer.

Today before we left our RV spot, as I said good bye to my neighbor, I asked him again if he needed prayer. He kindly declined, but he asked If I could pray for his wife who had very painful rheumatism all over her body. So … off we go! I prayed for her one time. No change. Prayed again. No change again. Prayed a third time, again not change, but she started to cry … She told me she felt very light, and could not explain the feeling, but it wasn’t necessary. I knew what she meant: the Holy Spirit had just touched her.

I gave her a card and hope to hear from her again. What a power is in us! Just a prayer for strangers, in a new and expensive RV, enjoying holidays, we would think they have it all. But no. Many happy and fortunate people need God’s intervention in their lives, desperately. She did not repent or confessed her sins, but a seed has been planted, a seed I pray that will give fruit.

This is just the beginning of the journey, and the beginning of the mission. But please remember that you do not need a “trip” to be on mission, our lives are a mission. We are the light of the world! Keep trying, do not give up if people reject it, or if you see no immediate results. God is always working.

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