Finally Barcelona


Well, after a long, interesting (and many times stressing) journey, we finally made it to Barcelona! Well, actually they call this place Terrassa. Very important not to call it Barcelona, since Barcelona is half hour downhill closer to the sea.

It has been great to see again friends we met at the kickstart we did here with Torben in May this year. Good faithful disciples that have been working very hard in the beautiful and hard task of making more disciples, with a very passionate vision and focus on building communities of believers in every town in this area.


It is awesome to hear many testimonies of people that were healed during the kickstart, others saved, that still keep serving God and try to grow in character and fruitfulness. On the other hand, there are also testimonies of people that were totally healed (even from a bad and medically hopeless cancer) but that are not following Jesus. But that is life, wheat and weed must grow together and God will separate them at the end, and we will know them by their fruits. Meanwhile, we serve each other, preach the gospel, and encourage each other to grow and work.

A testimony that surprised me was of a woman that had decided to fully follow Jesus and was baptized, but her boyfriend was persecuting and attacking her badly. She decided to break up with him, but even while I was kickstarting her on the streets, he was calling her constantly and threatening her. Surprisingly, we arrived here and one of the persons that welcomed us was him! He is now following Jesus and being discipled by the saints here, and I hope to baptize him before we leave.

They have welcomed us with so much love, and given us so much food! They bring us every day to two different houses to eat, and we can encourage them and be encouraged by their testimonies. It is a beautiful time of fellowship and love that we don’t feel we deserve, but that we humbly accept.

As we go from here to there, appointment to appointment, lesson to lesson, we start learning from God what this journey will be about. Of course we train each other, and we will go on the streets, but we are here to help the saints. They have grown a lot, but with growth and fruit come also failures, mistakes, and doubts. But that is awesome to see! These are the sort of questions that come only through working in the Lord’s harvest.

So here we are, honored and excited, encouraging and teaching, being encouraged and learning. God is good!

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