Saying good-bye

Wow, it was amazingly simple. God’s glory shines best in smaller acts that have greater impact… wars won by small and disadvantaged armies are more glorious than those won through mighty weapons and superior technology.

Our experience here was so simple that we were humbled, learned a lot, and saw that being obedient lets Him build up his church as he wishes, instead of trying it our way and hope he will bless it.

During the time spent with this strong community of disciples we had lessons, a kickstart event, one “celebration” meeting, as they call it (a getting together of disciples), and a lot of eating in different houses.


It would be arrogant and unreal to say that we brought answers to their questions and revival to their meetings. We just shared what we had learned from God and encouraged them to go on, while we were also challenged and encouraged by their questions, revelations, gifts and passion. Whatever happened there, it was God who did it by our being together in His name with a humble and hungry heart.

What stroke us deeply, nevertheless, was that eating at their homes was what allowed us to help them best. Once someone in my former church told me something I will never forget: first be their pastor, then be their preacher. How could I help a community I didn’t  even know? Of course I don’t want to be anyone’s pastor, we are all sheep, but I did want to edify their faith and be meaningful to them. By sharing with them with their families at their own houses and dinner tables I got to understand their spiritual needs, be more concise on my prayers, and teach them what could help them best.

When we finished our time there we held a kickstart that brought 2 fresh sinners to salvation. They were baptized, set free, and filled with the holy spirit right there by the local disciples. One other contact that I mention in one of our first posts was also baptized. Another lady we hadn’t met before also was set free and baptized in water and Holy Spirit. And goodbye-2Esteba, the guy I mentioned that came ill and was doubting about the existance of God, was now a strong disciple that was even teaching traditional Christians what the Gospel is all about. He is not baptized yet, and though we encourage him to do so, we respect the speed with which God is working in him. Thus four fresh ex sinners to disciple, something I see this community really needed since it was made of mature believers. Babies always bring life to a family.

I must say that it wasn’t me who achieved any of that. God brought those people, and used my visit just to prepare the setting for this births to happen. One sowed, another one watered, but it was God who gave the growth. I see this happening time and time again.

Now after just ten days we feel we leave a family. They treated is like kings (which we felt totally unworthy of), were honest and open to us, and we could see God at work not only at kickstarting people this time, but building up his church and letting them share the life in them.

We can’t wait to see them all again!

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