Along the way

Our journey so far has been full of small little special moments, some of them worth telling.

While travelling south through the Spanish coast, we made a short stop at a truck spot on a gas station because my wife wanted to show the kids some satsuma fields… something you don’t find in the cold fields of the Netherlands. As they came back with fruits and stories about lizards and new insects, our neighbor truck driver made contact with us. He spoke French, thus no language in common to fluently communicate. Fortunately, we have hands and feet!

Turned out he was Moroccan, on his way to France, transporting fruits. Father of two, friendly guy. So I got my chance and asked him if he was ill. little-big-1He pointed at his back, climbed into his truck and brought a box of tablets the doctor had prescribed for him. I laid hands, and then he looked at me with this confused, surprised, and happy look in his eyes. Pain was gone. I hadn’t said anything about Jesus, faith, or prayer. Once I explained him what I did, he switched to defense mode, and proudly proclaimed Mohamed as the prophet to follow above Jesus. And that was fine, I would not discuss about theology if people are closed for the truth. I just let him know that it was through the name of Jesus that he had been healed! The next step will be done by the Holy Spirit.

Along the way I approached other people, and had the chance to witness a couple more healings, but this one was a bit more special to me since he didn’t share bible believes  nor any common language, and the Holy Spirit still worked as Jesus promised.

I want to be realistic, too, to encourage some of you who might be struggling. I had also a couple of people that I prayed for and didn’t see any inmediate recovery. Why is that? I don’t know. Were they healed later? I don’t know either. What I know is that the Lord sent us to heal the sick, among many other things, and that I would have never seen those successful healings if I had not tried every time.

I say this because I know that most videos and stories published are the amazing testimonies, the great successes, but believe me, they don’t came without failures and dead-end streets. Keep on trying, keep on searching, keep on taking initiatives, and though you will see some “failures,” you will see amazing miracles and eventually you will make disciples as well.

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