Next stop: Malaga… or not?

After a lot of driving, getting lost, amazing beach views and a great weather we were finally getting closer to our next destination: Malaga, where our good friend and brother in faith Pieter Lensvelt is waiting for us.

Pieter was the third person God allowed me to baptize. A Colombian-Dutch guy raised in Spain -yes, I know, it makes total sense. When I was just starting this walk he contacted me, and we made an appointment to baptize him. He lived then in the Netherlands, at his grandparents’ place, about 4 hours away from us by train.

The day he should come by I was suddenly visited by a family member, who had just had a dream from God telling him he should not wait any longer with being baptized. So I did it, and it was awesome. He was immediately set free and filled with the Spirit, which was very encouraging for me since I had no experience on this. I had baptized a Romanian guy some weeks before, but he was not filled with the Holy Spirit then because basically… I had no clear idea of what I should do, but I just did what I could.

Then I received a text message from Pieter telling mepieter-1 he had had problems, and it was already too late to come, and so on. I encouraged him to just come, he could sleep with us. He did, and there was a terrible storm which almost didn’t allow the train to get to its destination. To top it all, he made a mistake with the ticket and got a big fine. But he came, was baptized, set free and filled with the Spirit!

Later on we met again in Denmark, following the PTS training given there at the Jesus Hotel. After that we had worked together giving trainings, baptizing people, casting out demons, and we became really like brothers.

Our last journey was a Kickstart Seminar with Torben Sondergaard in Barcelona, in May 2016, the training where we met the team we have now just visited. After that Pieter went back home to his parents in Malaga… or so we thought.


During our time in Spain I got an invitation to join Torben to a trip to Israel and Jordan, and that was something I could not decline for reasons I will explain in my next post. But I was quite troubled about leaving my wife with 5 kids in an unknown country on a camper. So I contacted Pieter, since his parents own a holiday complex in Malaga. We rented a cute little house that turned out to be a mega mansion when we arrived, they really helped us on that.

We figured he lives 40 km away from Malaga, up on the mountains of southern Spain, on a place our old camper’s engine had to roar like a lion to climb up on first gear in the middle of the night. There is a swimming pool and great weather, so I can leave to Israel with peace in my heart that my family will be safe and having fun. To top it all, my brother-in-law will come by all the way from Holland to help out with the kids and enjoy a short time off.


It is so nice to see Pieter again and meet his family, but it is even nicer to see that he goes on serving the Lord. Though he lives in the middle of nowhere, he has been baptizing people and making plans to grow and learn more about God. So nice to see the Holy Spirit has been a great pastor and follow-up worker on him! Really, He is all we need. It brought this text to my thoughts:

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.
3 Juan 1:4

One thought on “Next stop: Malaga… or not?

  1. Hi Fabian,

    I just found your blog and read all your updates. It is inspiring to hear some of your family’s experiences in following God. God bless you all and say hi from AC and me to your wife and kids. God bless you all!


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