Crazy 2017, the biggest lesson so far

Wow, I didn’t expect this switch: to be so busy that I wouldn’t post anything in more than a year!!! Certainly I didn’t expect things to go the way they went, and to go to so many places, fight so many battles, and get to know and love so many brothers and sisters. But above all, to learn so much.

Since I started living like a disciple in 2015 I had the desire to bring this vision of the gospel to Latin America, my culture, my people. I tried a couple of things, but then I realized God was closing the doors. For some reason, he didn’t want it… not yet at least. Suddenly, in 2017, the doors opened widely, and I had the chance to train disciples and preach the gospel and equip disciples in Brazil multiple times, also in Chile, twice in Argentina, in Peru, Costa Rica, and Cuba, and in 2018 I have been to Colombia and Puerto Rico. Besides that God also allowed me to work in South Africa and many other countries in Europe. I was content trying to work locally in the Netherlands, where I live, but seems that God did listen to my prayers for my own culture and sent me there.

Funny enough, from January till July 2017 I worked only with house churches, of all types shapes and colors. Since August till December I worked with larger congregations. And that was God’s intervention, because He was trying to teach me something important: what is His vision of church and discipleship. Something that I had not yet fully understood, and that I had no idea how important it was.

So I had a very interesting trip to Costa Rica. David Garrido, a great disciple of Jesus who works in Barcelona, went with me. Not the prototype of a street evangelist, he just went around and absorbed views and experiences. He started telling me about the difference between making disciples and preaching the gospel… it opened my mind to turn to a new page, but I still needed so much more direction. I have many friends who have very different views on this, but I needed the Holy Spirit to lead me to a practical revelation based on his Word.

So God started working on me. In November He allowed two journeys to get cancelled last minute, so I had 6 weeks free to seek Him and be with my family. In those weeks, I felt God was telling me: “Look back, and see the fruit of your work.” I was shocked to realize that even though there was good fruit, the fruit was not being taken care of. They were scattered as sheep without a shepherd. It had been harvested, but it was rotting in the baskets. There was a need for more, but what?

God put an interesting book in my hands, Miraculous Movements, calling my attention to the process of training and discipleship. Later, he confirmed it through another friend who recommended me the same book in another language and under another title. Finally, He sent me to a training conference somewhere in the Middle East. When I got there, to my surprise, the people there were using the same approach presented in the book I had read, and they were all making disciples in forbidden countries through underground churches. It was incredible!

I met very humble and unique disciples there, who had migrated into unreached places, learned their local languages, and were planting home groups of discipleship: churches. One of them had begun twenty thousand of them in 25 years time, their standards were so much higher than mine, and it put all the revelations I had received about this topic almost in perfect order.

So now I have started a new journey. Not only helping people to walk through the narrow gate, but to stay on the narrow path and finish the race. I will write more about this in my next posts, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Crazy 2017, the biggest lesson so far

  1. Waaw! So nice to read and learn from your stories again!
    It’s a blessing to follow you (although there’s not always enough time to read, I enjoy reading how God is working in your life!)
    Many blessings my brother!


  2. Always a blessing to hear 👂 the Lords work and word through you bringing the kingdom on earth. Especially touched by your choice words in TLR The life. Bless you brother. Lord send more workers into the harvest.


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