Again on wheels… and not alone!

The A team!

In January I got the chance to lead my last PTS (Pioneer Training School) in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. As a part of that training, a Kickstart Seminar is given. It’s a training to awaken Christians and set them in a path of becoming disciples of Jesus. In this seminar the PTS students get the chance to serve others by leading them to repentance, baptizing them in water and Spirit, and showing how to heal the sick, cast out demons and share the gospel.

It was in this seminar in January that I met Peter van den Burg, a disciple of Jesus with a deep desire to follow the Lord by making more disciples and helping others do the same. They had been praying since their baptism in 2017 to meet someone who could help them learn that kind of work (work is a word a prefer for ministry). So we became good friends, and we set on a new adventure together!

You can read the Van den Burg’s story here:

First, Peter traveled with me to Brazil and Estonia, and has also worked with me in small missions within Holland, besides having his own house groups in his hometown (Zwolle) and helping other disciples. In the meantime, he and his wife have given up good stable jobs, a nice house, and a comfortable and materialistic life, for a small rented apartment in Belgium and a camper.

We left home in September, and we went to Sweden and Norway together with our families. Two couples, 8 kids… you can imagine the details. In spite of the amount of kids, we had a great time. Our families blended together very well, and we had a great time strengthening our friendship and working very very hard for the Kingdom.

More details in the stories to come!

The old and the young!

One thought on “Again on wheels… and not alone!

  1. Greetings Brother

    I love seeing and hearing how God works Thank you for the update. Also caught your Q and A on Tuesday night, please do more of these.

    Peace and blessings thru Christ Jesus

    Also and Olga


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